May 31st BLOCKGRAIN – Another ICO wonder from the land down under.

Blockgrain is going to be a good ICO coming from the Land Down Under. Australia already had a very successful ICO which was the Power Ledger and it is still going strong.

I believe Blockgrain will be another successful story.

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Jun 3rd How Much Web Space and Bandwidth Do I Need?

How Much Web Space and Bandwidth Do I Need? Web Space Web space is the physical storage for your files and database to form and run your website. Your emails and backups if you choose to store it in your web space. Most website pages contains less than 1 MB, for example the main page of this website is only a mere 55kb. If ... Read More »

Jun 3rd having a facelift

Our web page webcoophost is undergoing a facelift.

In a few weeks we will be launching the new look.

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