How Much Web Space and Bandwidth Do I Need?

Web Space

Web space is the physical storage for your files and database to form and run your website. Your emails and backups if you choose to store it in your web space.

Most website pages contains less than 1 MB, for example the main page of this website is only a mere 55kb.
If you keep your web space clean all the time meaning don’t keep unwanted files you will probably using only 200MB of space.


Bandwidth is the amount of traffic and data transfer that your website is generating monthly. Most websites are probably only on the 6 GB monthly bandwidth.
There is a good write up regarding bandwidth and web space and a table showing how much you probably will need like if you have average of 100 web pages you might need 200MB Web space and if your website have a visitor of 100 or 1000 page load per day you might need 6GB monthly bandwidth. 

How all this fit on our plans?

Free Plan

On our budget plan where you have 1 GB of space and 10 GB monthly bandwidth is a good starting point. Say a landing page for your business to give customers information about your business like open times, location, your services or products, how to contact you and so on. You can always upgrade later if you want more space.

Starter Plan

A good starting point especially if you are not sure how much web space you will be consuming. The 2 GB web space gives you more room to play around.

Mid Plan

This is the most popular. The 5 GB web space is plenty to make a few websites or a website that is image and video driven.  

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